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We at EROP Financing are financial advisors. When you make the decision of taking a loan, no matter if it is a smaller private loan or a bigger housing loan, we are at your side, and ask the right questions, to put you on the right track. Although it is your decision in the end, we will at our best possible extent support you in taking the best decision possible in the given moment.

Our individual approach will ensure that after having tried us, you will never again approach financial institutions by your own. Not only better pricing, lower expenses but also more disposable income.

Please feel free to contact one of our financing advisors to arrange a free-of-charge initial consultation meeting at our offices.


Be safe and inform yourself on all important facts on the financing.

Unique Advising Approach

Our advising approach lets you go through all the major aspects of the financing.

Better Conditions

The conditions vary on the market, this is why it is important to have a good market overview to achieve best possible conditions.

All Banks in one Place

If you don’t want to go all over banks, we will do this for you and provide you with the optimal offer.

In the Republic of Austria we are authorised financial advisors (zertifizierter Finanzierungsberater) and in the Republic of Croatia we have passed the certification for financial intermediary (financijski posrednik) according to Croatian Consumer Financing Act.

We support you with the following topics:

New Financing

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Project Financing

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Free Financial Request Evaluation

We take a look at your case at no cost.

EROP Financing will not use or forward any of the data or information provided to any third party without your explicit permission.


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